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zaterdag 7 februari 2009


A Notebook Computer Sun Screen to write your bestsellers

Personally I have a Toshiba Notebook computer not exactly one of the latest models, it's an old one, nevertheless it works and I do like to be able to work in the 'Out-Doors' with my Notebook Computer while sitting in the sun, being able to bring my writing to my other computer that's connected to a printer.

Usually when sitting in the sun it isn't always easy to have a clear image on your Monitor Screen because of the sunlight, so in the Summer of 2008 I wanted to be able to sit in the Sun while writing. For this I developed the 'Notebook Computer Sunscreen' With some 'Duck-tape' and a sheet of standard 'copier-' or 'typewriting paper' I made a 'Sunscreen'
on the top of my Notebook Monitor.

So now I have a CHOICE to simply sit in the shade working with my Notebook Computer without any trouble, or to sit in the Sun with my 'home-made' little 'Notebook Sunscreen'.

Talking about CHOICE I have a Toshiba (an old one) So if you like to start this summer with a reliable Toshiba Notebook Computer yourself, than you might like to click on the 'Banner-link' here below, and if you really want to 'Enter the Space Age' possibly the the MacBook Air is something for you to consider for your Writing Ambition.

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